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 Let's Get Vamp is basically where I will show you lots of lovely dark and vampy lipsticks perfect for this Winter season; and occasionally do a review...like now :)


I remember seeing these in Superdrug and swatching a colour (I can't remember which one) which I disliked intensely so it kind of put me off the entire line. However I came across a video recently by the gorgeous Youtuber SaraEmmaLouise who was wearing this shade and it looked so beautiful I had to get it for myself!

muastore.co.uk was having a sale so I got this for only £2!

MUA advertises four different ways to wear Lip Booms:

1. Lipstick only (Top Left)
2. Lipstick with gloss in the centre of the lips (Top Right)
3. Lipstick with gloss all over the lips (Bottom Left)
4. Gloss only (Bottom Right)

Below are some lip swatches of these four suggestions. (Apologies for the washout in the colour, it's much deeper in person.)

Lip Swatches:

Swatches on the back of my hand:
Top: Lipstick only
Middle: Gloss only
Bottom: Lipstick with gloss over it

Now I've already read several reviews on this product so I sort of knew what to expect.

I absolutely adore the lipstick; the colour, the feel and the fact that it has such great staying power for an MUA lipstick. It's very wearable for everyday because it isn't deep enough to be "quirky", but still has enough edge to be worthy of the name "VAMP"!
This colour is a definite contender for my Top 5 favourite dark lipsticks of the season...
This happened...

What can I say? I knew what to expect but I didn't listen. This is possibly the worst lip gloss I have ever used for the simple fact that I can feel the glitter in it. It actually wouldn't be that bad if they used a glitter that was finer or a shimmer even.
This was far too gritty for my liking so automatically eliminated 3 of the 4 suggested ways to use this product.

I get the concept though so I will most likely wear this with another gloss.

Like I said, the lipstick is epic but the gloss...not so much.

MUA should definitely release the lipstick as one of their permanent colours because I have no doubt it will sell well.

From MUA, I'd love to see them release several darker shades for WOC including a deep purple and mauve tone because I'm sure they'd be amazing. Hopefully they get some new shades soon!

Stay blessed, Fofo x



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