Blog-torial: How I Do My Eyebrows + Mini Review on W7 Paint The Line Gel Eyeliner

"This is how I wear my eyebrows everyday...honest..."

Just kidding! :)
 Read on to find out why I did this!


Some of my friends have been asking me how I do my eyebrows and to be honest, I don't know why because I'm really not that good at them.

Nevertheless, I've taken pictures of the whole process so hopefully this will help.

 But first...

A Mini Review on W7 Paint The Line Gel Eyeliner

Normally I use the eyebrow pencil in 'Brunette' from MUA however I wanted to try and find a cheaper alternative to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade that is so popular these days.
 I started by simply looking for brown gel eyeliners from MUA cosmetics (and their associated brand. Fashionista) but their gel eyeliner products contained chunky red glitter which would NOT be a good look. I've resolved to use it as an eyeshadow base.

Fashionista Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliner in "Dress Down Cool" (Hand Swatch)
These are currently on sale for £1.50 from the MUA website . RRP: £6

I went to Savers and happened to pick up W7's Paint The Line gel eyeliner in 'Brown' and this has been working out wonderfully. After using it, I had an intense Azonto session to test if it was sweat-proof and it didn't budge at all. It's also very easy to use and not as waxy as the eyebrow pencil from MUA. I'll continue using this product and follow up later, but so far? 5 stars!

W7 Paint The Line Eyeliner in 'Brown' 02

(Hand Swatch)
I bought this for £2.49 but the price can vary.
You get 3g of product and it comes with it's own eyeliner brush (photographed above).

I prefer to use my own flat-angled brush (photographed below) because it's more precise.

How I Do My Eyebrows (For special events, photos etc.)

DISCLAIMER: You're about to see me with no makeup...brace yourself.

If you have  very sparse hair on your eyebrows, like me, you might think plucking is out of the question. But I have recently discovered (for myself) that when done correctly, plucking your eyebrows can help guide you when drawing them, keeping them looking consistently similar. Here is how I do it:

1. Use any white eyeliner to draw on how you want your finished eyebrows to look

It doesn't have to be exact, just a rough idea.


Hot Stuff.

2. Use tweezers to pluck any hairs outside of the white eyebrows

3. Wipe away the eyeliner using a baby wipe.

Or wash your face. Whatever floats your boat.

4. Using a spooly brush, brush the few eyebrow hairs you have into one direction.

5. Use the W7 Gel Eyeliner and a flat -angle brush, draw a line at the bottom of your brows...

...then at the top to create a frame...

...then finally fill them in.

6. Using Revlon Vital Radiance Eyebrow Fill-In Powder in 004 'Brunette', go over the gel liner.

This powder came with its own flat-angle brush, so I just used that. Use whatever, you're comfortable with.
You can also use any dark brown eyeshadow , it doesn't have to specifically be an eyebrow powder.


7. Using an eyebrow brush, blend the gel and the powder together.

8. Now taking the top-right hand colour in my concealer palette and a concealer brush, define the bottom of your eyebrows. Use your finger to blend it out.

(Please excuse the nastiness, I've had this for some time...)

9. To define the top of the brow, I use Milani Cream To Powder Foundation in 05 'Walnut'.

Any concealer/foundation that is closer to your skintone than the previous concealer used is ok. 

Whatever you use, just make sure you don't have that 'halo' look around your eyebrows after you blend.

 That is not cute.

Use the same brush and your pinky finger to blend out.

10. Use the same eyebrow brush from before and carefully blend out the inner parts of your eyebrows to get that gradient effect.

11. You're done! Do the rest of your makeup and stunt like Beyoncé.

Details on this look are coming soon!

Thanks for reading and stay blessed,

Fofo x



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