Intro to Lipstick 101: What Lipsticks Are GOOD For Dark Skin??

I get asked this question a lot by my friends, not because I'm a 'lipstick-guru' or anything, but most likely because they've seen my obscene collection and think 'This girl must know SOMETHING...'
Well I'll tell you the little I know...

This post is not aimed at makeup artists (since I'm not one myself) but at your Average Jane who just wants to expand her makeup collection a little and get the most for her money.
One fundamental point to understand is that the same lipstick will look and feel different to everybody. Don't spend so much on something a beauty-guru raves about, only to find out that you don't like it or don't know how to wear it.
I'll be honest, I've fallen for the hype too, we all have at some point, but we need to be able to discern what products are really worth investing in.
What do you want from your lipstick?
Are you used to just wearing lip balms and so want a lipstick that is moisturising?
Do you want something that looks more natural?
Do you want something that is more of a lip-stain?
 Maybe you want to experiment with different colours?
Are you a bit bolder and looking for something that really stands out?
Do you want a lipstick that lasts all day?
Are high end lipsticks better than drugstore lipsticks?
It may all sound very technical for just talking about lipstick, but since everybody wants something different out of their makeup, asking yourself questions like these will help you find what's best for you.
In this series I will be talking about all these topics and hopefully you'll find something you can relate to.
Stay blessed,
Fofo x



  1. Nice one hun...Can you advise on what pink lipstick brand that would suit a dark skin colour..I'm trying to go for something natural..most of the ones I have tried look kind of weird on me..thanks :)

    1. Thanks girl :D I will make sure to make a post about this. xx