Let's Get VAMP!: 'New Eve Cosmetics' Match It Lipstick and Lipgloss Review (Shades 04, 05 & 06)

About New Eve Cosmetics
According to their Facebook, New Eve Cosmetics are a cosmetic company founded in 2011 that specialise in multi-purpose makeup, making building your makeup collection more affordable.
Their range includes eyeshadow palettes with blush and highlighters, a combined eyeliner pencil and mascara, a twist up eyeliner and liquid liner and their dual-end Match It lipstick and lipglosses which I will be reviewing today. They also have more products being developed which sound really cool so check out their Facebook for more information.
Their website is currently under construction but they're selling on eBay HERE.

UPDATE (June 2014): The website is now up and running. Click here to shop!
In my attempt to build up my vampy lipstick collection, I was doing a little eBay search and accidentally came across these. These lipsticks come in six different shades and I picked out the 3 that stood out to me the most; 04, 05, and 06.

All the lipsticks apply very smooth and creamy. 

The lipglosses were more like liquid lipsticks; highly pigmented and not sticky at all.

Here are hand swatches of all of the colours, 04-06 from the bottom to the top. For each swatch the lipstick is on the top and the gloss is underneath.

04 (Dark Red)

A very rich burgundy shade. I don't normally wear glossy red lips but for this, I'd make an exception.

 A lipstick very close to this is Jordana matte lipstick in 'Eggplant'. The only difference is the finish.

05 (Purple)

Unfortunately on my first swatch, the bullet broke. I notified the sellers and they responded quickly, offering me a full refund for that lipstick so that was great.
I can still use it, but I obviously can't twist it up all the way.

The colour kind of reminds me of 'Ravin Raisin' megalast lipstick by Wet 'n' Wild. It's a sort of muted purple and very wearable.

If you don't already have a purple lip colour, this would be a good colour to practice with because it's not too bold.
The only reason why I was a little disappointed was because the picture of the lipstick looked a lot brighter than it was in reality.

06 (Dark Brown)


This was by far my favourite. As chocolatey as I am, it can be difficult finding dark browns that really stand out against my skin.

The combination of the lipstick and lipgloss is AMAZING! I was totally shocked by how pigmented it was.

I felt like I jumped right out of the 90's!
It's not so dark that it's pitch black, but it's just dark enough for me to do my happy dance.

Watch the video below for more hand and lip swatches!

To get the best colour pay off, the best way to wear this product is with the lipstick and lipgloss together.
If you wear the lipstick by itself, you may have to frequently reapply unless you've a lipliner underneath.

There is a strong 'play-doh' type smell to these products so if smells generally bother you, I wouldn't recommend this.
It wears off after a while but it took me some time to get used to.

 Overall, what I love about this brand is the concept. I try to save money as much as possible when it comes to makeup so I can appreciate the idea of using multi-purpose products to achieve that.

I like what I've tried so far so I'll be looking to pick up a few more goodies from them in the near future!
Stay Blessed,
Fofo x



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