Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks Full Review

To everyone who has liked, commented and subscribed because of my YouTube video about these lipsticks, Thank You!
Here is the full review, as promised.

Scandalous Collection

The packaging is very sleek with the gold writing against the black background. They have the coloured tops similar to the MUA £1 lipsticks, but you can't take these off. My only issue is that the lids are quite loose!

L to R: Immortal, Depraved, Crime, Felony, Vice

L to R: Immortal, Depraved, Crime, Vice, Felony

Vamp Collection

L to R: Black Heart, 100% Vamp, Rebel With Cause

If you haven't already, watch my video below for hand and lip swatches of the Scandalous and Vamp lipsticks!

Other Lipsticks

Lady (Creamy Finish)

Fusion (Matte Finish)

Hand Swatches: Lady (Left), Fusion (Right)

'Lady' is a stunningly vibrant red which I will be wearing a lot this Summer. It looks just like strawberries!

And 'Fusion'...well...

These lipsticks have a texture not unlike the MUA £1 lipsticks, but I do prefer it. They are not overly creamy.
They also have fabulous staying power for £1. It was over 3 hours before I felt the need to reapply 'Depraved'.

The range of colours is wide so it will be near impossible not to find a colour that suits your skintone.
I was especially shocked at how pigmented the Scandalous and Vamp Collections were.
So for all these 'hits', I'm really not too upset over the 'misses'.

 Apart from the loose lids, the other miss was the matte lipstick in 'Fusion'. Although I never reviewed it on this blog, I had the exact same experience with the MUA Matte Lipsticks. I wouldn't recommend either for darker skin tones because they're just not pigmented enough.
It doesn't feel bad on the lips, it's actually quite comfortable, it's just a shame you can't see it.

Still, I highly recommend this brand for deeper complexions because you will definitely find some colours you like!

What is your favourite Makeup Revolution Lipstick?

God Bless and Take Care,

Fofo x



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