MASSIVE Makeup and Beauty Haul (PART 1) : Sleek!

I don't know anyone who doesn't love Sleek. They really are a fantastic brand for women of colour.

Recently they had a sale on their website (it's probably still on) and they had selected products at 50% off. I had been eyeing their foundation tester palettes for a while to add to my kit so when this sale popped up and they had a 24 hour offer of free shipping, I couldn't pass it up.

I also picked up a few bits and bobs from eBay too.

Eye Dusts

1. Spellbound
Shimmery black with silver reflects

2. Zing
Matte Orange

3. Ooh Baby!
Baby blue with very bright silver reflects.

Blush By 3 in 'Flame'

Shade Names L to R: Molten, Bonfire, Furnace

If, like me, you missed out on the limited edition "Scandalous" blush a few years back, "Bonfire" is a great dupe.

Blush in "Honour"

I actually purchased this pan-only form from eBay.

It comes in a nifty little plastic case. Although it's not as sturdy as the original casing, it still keeps the blush well protected.

The colour reminds me slightly of MAC's "Format" Powder Blush but 'Honour' is more coppery.

Blush in 'Sahara

I've been wanting this for the longest time! I think if I had to choose only one blush from Sleek, I'd have to go with this one. It's an orangey brown/terracotta colour that goes with everything and looks stunning on women of deeper skin tones.

High Shine Lipgloss in 'Sheer Gold'

Hand Swatch

Very beautiful sheer gloss with golden shimmers. A little sticky though.

Sleek Contour Kits in 'Light' and 'Dark'

I bought both shades for my kit. I have loved using this product for years so I should have no problem using it on others.



If you're just getting into contouring and highlighting, this is the perfect product for you.
Each kit comes with a little pamphlet showing you how to use it.

Contouring and highlighting can really bring life to your normal foundation application, so this is definitely worth investing in if you want to give your makeup that extra boost.

Sleek Translucent Loose Powders in 'Light' and 'Dark'

Again I won these on eBay, there were actually two of each shade.

These powders are very versatile so I thought they'd be perfect for my kit.

i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette

I have reviewed this already so click here to check out my thoughts on this palette.

Crème to Powder Foundation Tester Kits

These kits can be purchased from the Sleek website for £2.99 each. Although their intended use is for finding your shade match, for beginner makeup artists (such as myself) they can be a relatively inexpensive way of building up your kit.
With this I'm hoping to practice mixing shades and get an eye for finding the right foundation shades for others. 

Out of everything you've seen here, only the 'Sahara' blush will be going into my personal makeup collection. Everything else is going into the kit!


God bless and Take Care

Fofo x



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