MUA Lip Boom vs. Makeup Revolution Lip Power! Full Review and Comparison

Makeup Revolution Lip Power in "Anticipate It"

If you read my post about Makeup Revolution, you'll know that I briefly mentioned that there were some similarities between their products and  those of Makeup Academy (MUA) although the companies are not affiliated with one another.
One of these similarities include Makeup Revolution's Lip Powers which can easily be compared to MUA Lip Booms.

I only own one Lip Boom which is in "LMK", read my full review here.
Seeing as this was the darkest shade they offered, I thought ordering the darkest shade from Makeup Revolution, "Anticipate It", might help make things a little fair.

Side-by-side Lip Boom and Lip Power

There are obvious similarities in the packaging.
However the tube size of the Lip Power, as you can see, is a little smaller.
This is due to the absence of the coloured top you find on the Lip Boom that comes off and has more lipstick inside.

Side-by-side Lip Boom and Lip Power

This coloured top also had the name of the shade written across it whereas the Lip Power's top is transparent so you can see directly into the tube. It's shade name is on a sticker on the tube's side.

Lip Power (Left) and Lip Boom (Right)

The first thing I noticed when opening up these lipsticks was that they were totally different in colour. So even though the concept is the same for both brands, you most likely will not be able to predict what the colour of your Lip Power will be by going by the shade range of the Lip Booms.

Hand Swatches: "Anticipate It" (Top), "LMK" (Bottom)

Perhaps a better comparison with "Anticipate It" can be made with the "It's A Situation" Lip Boom? The colour does remind me a little of "Rebel" by MAC and "It's A Situation" is a dupe for it.

Like I said in my review, I love the Lip Boom lipstick. The colour is a deep, vampy burgundy and has a velvety matte finish. I adore these kind of colours on dark skin.

The Lip Power is a berry colour that has a much creamier finish but not as creamy as the Makeup Revolution £1 lipsticks.

As you can see, they both open differently, so if you prefer lipsticks with more room to grip, you will prefer the Lip Powers.
 Lipgloss: Lip Power (Top), Lip Boom (Bottom)

Clearly, Makeup Revolution picked up on all the uproar over the poor quality of the Lip Boom lipglosses, because there is a visible difference.

Hand Swatches: Lip Power (Top) and Lip Boom (Bottom)

If, like me, you did not like the chunky glitters in the Lip Boom, you will definitely prefer the Lip Power. Although it too has glitters, you don't feel them and they don't change the consistency of the gloss.

Lip Swatches

I swatched both lipsticks according to the way the Lip Booms were promoted i.e. 1- Lipstick Only, 2-Lipstick with gloss in the centre, 3- Lipstick with gloss all over and 4- Gloss Only.
The Lip Powers are not promoted in the same way, I just wanted to make a fair comparison.

For each swatch, the Lip Power is on the left and the Lip Boom, on the right.

Lipstick Only

Lipstick + Gloss in the centre of lips

Lipstick + Gloss all over lips

Gloss Only


Both products retail at £3 and both are available from Superdrug or their respective websites.

With a name like "Lip Power", I was expecting the colour to be a little more intense. It's a very wearable, everyday colour but I was hoping for a little more opacity.
Personally I prefer the lipstick texture and colour of the MUA lipstick.

However, Makeup Revolution have that gloss game on point.
Taking off the Lip Power gloss was very easy and didn't leave glitter residue everywhere, like the Lip Boom did.

They both smell lovely. The Lip Booms have a vanilla-type smell and the Lip Powers have a fruity smell very similar to the 'e.l.f. essential' lipsticks.

Overall, I'm not really able to say one is better than the other because it's down to personal preference.
If you're looking for convenience and having a decent lipstick and lipgloss together, I'd suggest the Lip Power. However, if you're looking for a more intense colour payoff, the Lip Boom may be better suited for you.

Which one do you prefer?

Take Care and God Bless,

Fofo x



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