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If you follow me on instagram, (@Fiyinfofo), you'll know that I've pretty much been obsessing over a new makeup brand called Makeup Revolution.

On their facebook page, it's clearly stated that they have no affiliation with MUA cosmetics, however when you see some of their products, you can't help but make a comparison here and there.

I'm trying not to use the term "budget brand", but like MUA, their price range is more affordable than most. They also have dupes of several Urban Decay palettes like MUA; and there are a few similarities in the packaging of some of their products including their lipsticks, Lip Powers (Dupe to MUA Lip Booms?) etc.

Other than superficial similarities however, there's no comparison when it comes to the actual products themselves.
 I'm not trying to disparage MUA cosmetics, Lord knows I love them, but it's almost like everything I wish MUA would do, Makeup Revolution have taken care of and then some.

For me the main deal breaker was Makeup Revolution's lipstick range.

*cue the angel chorus*

Makeup Revolution Scandalous Lipstick Collection

If you read my review on the MUA Lip Booms, you'll know that for a while now, I've wanted MUA to come out with more shades in their £1 range that would be more Women of Colour friendly.

Makeup revolution have the most gorgeous, vibrant and affordable on-trend lipsticks I have ever seen. No exaggeration.
Watch the video below for lip swatches of their Scandalous and Vamp collections and you'll see how well they stand out against my dark skin.

They are really well pigmented and have a much better staying power than most of my MUA lipsticks. With 30 shades to choose from, it will be near impossible to find a colour that doesn't suit you.
 Check them out here.
I'm going to do a full review on these lipsticks at some point, so stay tuned for that.

Makeup Revolution Nail Polish in "Adore"

This nail polish is very similar, if not the same as, MUA nail polish in 'Frozen Yoghurt'.
The MUA one contains 6.2ml of product whereas Makeup Revolution nail polishes contains 10ml;
and they're both £1.
You do the math!
Makeup Revolution have 40 stunning shades to choose from so check them out here.

Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer in "Rock On World" and Baked Highlighter in "Peach Lights"

Where MUA only have one highlighter shade, Makeup Revolution have three; Pink Lights, Golden Lights and Peach Lights. I picked up Peach Lights and one of their baked bronzers in "Rock On World" said to be a dupe to MAC Gold Deposit; and according to Natalie of 'Discoveries Of Self", this dupe is even better than the MAC version!

Below are all the items in my first order from the Makeup Revolution website from top L to R:

In The Deep (MAC Deep Truth?)
Smokin 2 ( MAC Shadowy Lady?)
MMMM (MAC Swiss Chocolate?)


Vivid Baked Bronzer
Rock On World (MAC MSF Gold Deposit)

Amazing Lipgloss
Nude Shimmer

Amazing Lipsticks
Rebel With Cause
Black Heart
100% Vamp
Depraved (My Favourite!)

Eye Dusts
Disguise, Frenzy, Rivalry
Affluent, Virtuous, Levity, Confront
Vitality, Grandeur, Agonise, Hysteria
Dynamic, Antic, Allure, Shameful

Vivid Baked Highlighter
Peach Lights

Nail Polish
You Need Love

The items came very well protected and organised into several little bubble wrapped bundles, which all came in a monogrammed plastic envelope.

Delivery took 3 days which I think is fantastic considering they must have a backlog of orders due to their rapidly growing popularity.

I am thoroughly impressed with this brand and although there are some few minor things one could nit-pick at (e.g. lipstick lids being a little loose), what you can't deny is the amount of thought that has gone into the creation of the products themselves. "Budget brand" stigma aside, the sheer quality of the eye dusts, for example, is astounding.
(Swatches Coming Soon!)

Bear in mind, all the products on their website are just what they've launched with, just imagine what they'll come up with next!

At the moment they're being sold in selected Superdrugs however if, like me, you can't wait till they hit your local store, visit their website and you can order from there. They ship internationally.

God bless and Take Care,

Fofo x



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