New Eve Cosmetics First Impressions + Swatches (Eyeshadow/Blush Palettes, Lipstick etc.)

Urban Palette & arm swatches

If you haven't heard about New Eve Cosmetics, check out my previous blog post or check out their Facebook for more info and updates.

If you follow me on instagram (shameless plug @fiyinfofo), you'll have already seen the items I was sent, thank you once again Eve.
Here I have some swatches for you and a few words on my first impressions of the products.

Match It Lipstick and Lipgloss

I have made a post about these already so if you want to know what I thought about them, check it out here.

 This is shade number 02, a very pin-up-marilyn-monroe-esque red. Both the lipstick and the gloss are very rich in colour as you can see from the swatches below.

Lipstick Only

Lipstick & Lipgloss

Lipgloss Only

2 in 1 Mascara and Eyeliner Pencil

The name is pretty self explanatory. This mascara brush head is a little smaller than what I normally use which is good because my lashes are small anyway. I've yet to see how I like the formula.

I love that the pencil comes with a screw top lid rather than one that you just slide on. One of the things I hate the most is when the lids of my eyeliners or lip liners slide off and make a total mess. 
With this, you'll be sure to keep the eyeliner and your makeup bag looking spotless.

Eyeshadow/Blush/Bronzer Palettes

Urban Palette

This is so clever! On one side you have your eyeshadows...

...and on the other you have your blush/bronzer!

Urban Arm Swatches (Top: Blush & Bronzer, Bottom: Eyeshadows)

These remind me very much of the Sleek eyeshadows because they are highly pigmented but also buildable. Like the Sleek eyeshadows, there's a little bit of fallout but nothing unbearable.
The packaging is also really sturdy.

Neutral S Palette

Neutral S Eyeshadow Arm Swatches

Neutral S Blush/Bronzer Arm Swatches

Matte Nude Palette

Matte Nude Eyeshadow Arm Swatches

Matte Nude Blush/Bronzer Arm Swatches

As you can see, the bronzers are way too light for me but because they're matte, I'm going to see how they fair as highlights. I'm sure they'd look great on the browbone.

False Eyelashes

Nothing to swatch here, but don't they look pretty?
There are five styles in all to choose from, from the website.
From Sweet and Natural to Bold and Dramatic, there's a pair for whatever look you want to create. 
The band is not too thick as well, so they should blend in nicely with your own real eyelashes.

Coming up will be some looks featuring these products so stay tuned!

Take Care and God Bless,

Fofo x



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