Makeup Forever Flash Color Case Palette DUPE FOR UNDER £9!!

A whaaa.....

I was literally drooling when I came across this sweet discovery. We're not that far into 2015 but I can already say this is my best purchase of the year so far. It's so useful!

The original Makeup Forever Flash Color Case Palette retails for around $100 from Sephora and even more if you were to order from the UK. 
(Haha, no be joke o)

Original Flash Palette 
(Image from

Many professional makeup artists swear by this product but as an aspiring artist myself and a student, I don't quite have it like that. At least not yet! 
(I receive it! *sings* Abraham's blessings are miiiine!)

So I was perusing the old YT and randomly clicked on a video talking about a Flash Palette Dupe and my first thought was it was probably someone who used an old pill box and some crayons to make their own concoctions know, I was just highly sceptical. 

But I was oh-so-wrong. 
A few videos in and plenty of rave reviews later, I found myself on eBay ordering my very own Imagic Flash Palette Dupe and get this...IT ONLY COST £8.44 *tears of joy*
Happy bunny right here!

Delivery was extremely slow but this is to be expected when ordering from Hong Kong.
These are a collection of 12 cream colours which you can use for almost anything; foundation, colour correcting, eyeshadow, eyeshadow bases, eyeliner and most importantly LIPSTICK!
It goes on creamy and allows you a good few minutes to work with it before it dries and sets like a dream.
I'm gushing right now but that's only because I have never owned such a versatile product before.
I am in love people. Accept it.

Uh, palette of LIFE!

Top Row

Bottom Row

My only qualm is that the black shade is not as dark as I'd hoped it would be; so it's unlikely I'll be using it by itself as an eyeliner.
However, it does make a great base and you can always mix it with other colours to darken them.

If you want to use this palette for eyeshadow/bases, I strongly suggest you use a primer underneath, especially if you have oily skin.
As lipstick, I can create any colour I want and it will dry to a beautiful true matte finish. 
I'm talking Ruby Woo status so make sure you moisturise!

The possibilities with this palette are endless and I can sleep happy knowing I'm not out of pocket too!
I'm thinking I'll make another post later showing some of my favourite combinations, what do you think?

Would you try out this product?
Let me know!

Take Care and God Bless,

Fofo x



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