My Experience Using W7 Ebony Products! A Little Reflection...

I had so much fun trying out these products and seeing how they could work for  me so thank you W7 for the opportunity to support your brand!

Right off the bat, I knew the powder, foundation and concealer needed to be taken with a pinch of salt because as you saw in my last post, they were a bit too light for me. 
I just saw it as an opportunity to get creative!

Ebony Blotting Pressed Powder in 'Deep'
This powder is very pigmented for a blotting powder so a light hand is needed. Applied to the areas of my face where I wanted highlight, this gave a very subtle lift to my face and had fantastic oil control. I wore this all day at Uni and everything was still intact when I got home. I used the sponge it came with to first press the powder into my skin, then this was buffed away into the rest of my foundation using a powder brush. I didn't even need to use my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish afterwards which was a real surprise.

Ebony Catwalk Perfection Cream To Powder Foundation in 'Mocha 5'
In the past, the only thing I've used cream to powder foundations for are for cleaning up eyebrows if I don't have concealer. Naturally, that's what I tried using this for first and I think this will be the only way I can keep using it.
I had tried using it on areas of my face where I wanted highlight however the foundation set so quickly and I was never fast enough to blend it out properly.
For someone who is a better shade match than me this would be a great on-the go foundation but cream to powder formulations in general are not my cup of Tetley.

Ebony Catwalk Concealer in 'Earth'

The concealer had a slight green hue to it which was... interesting...
It blended pretty well into my skin and the coverage was surprisingly good (especially in my under eye area) but I still had to use my usual foundation on top since the colour was not a great shade match.
The green hue may have been a colour correcting property? (Green concealers tend to be used to cover redness.) 

Colour correcting (CC) concealers may actually be something cosmetic brands could look into developing instead of the traditional flesh tones. I don't know about others, but when it comes to picking my foundations/concealers, if I am not able to try it in person or absolutely certain it's a shade match, I won't buy it, even if it is affordable. I think a small range of medium to deep orange CC concealers would be a real winner because shade matching wouldn't be as much of an issue and one concealer would serve a range of complexions.
I, as well as many other women of colour, suffer from some degree of hyperpigmentation which darkens the skin and this can be fixed using an orange CC.
There's definitely a real gap in the UK market for affordable and effective CC concealers, especially for darker skinned women.

Ebony Silky Smooth Lipstick in 'Eternal Flame'
I wish I could go back in time and add this lipstick into my blog post about orange lip options for the Summer.

This lipstick is EVERYTHING. The formula is more matte than the other two colours I own but it's still quite creamy. The colour payoff is just...!!! Orange looks really beautiful on darker skin tones in general so if you have dark skin I would definitely suggest you pick this up! It's a very wearable orange and paired with a brown lip liner...*gasp* #lipsonfleek
Make sure you regularly exfoliate your lips so you can get the smoothest application.   

Final Thoughts...
All in all, I am really impressed with W7 because I can appreciate how much work went into creating these products. If you are interested in testing out the products before purchasing, visit their website here to find a W7 stockist near you.

Take Care and God Bless!

Fofo x



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