Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipsticks - Review and Swatches! (Dark Skin)

If you check out my previous blog posts, you'll already know about my undying love for Makeup Revolution. It's an emotional thing you guys...
This post is late (as are the next few posts/ hauls you'll see on my blog) but I really wanted to write about these products anyway because I think they're worth it.

The Atomic collection was just one of the hundreds of amazing new additions to the MR line last year. Initially I picked up just the green, brown and deep purple from the Makeup Revolution website, but I caved and later on got the remaining two from

The Atomic Collection

The packaging is the same standard packaging as the other £1 lipsticks.

Atomic Ruby
A bold blue based red.

Make It Right
An iridescent true eggplant purple.

Atomic Serpent
A slightly iridescent blackened green.

Make It Magnificent
A lavender purple with a frost finish.

Make Me Tonight (Fave!)
A very deep brown with hints of plum/purple.

Arm Swatches (L to R: Make Me Tonight, Make It Magnificent, Atomic Serpent, Make It Right, Atomic Ruby)

One of my favourite combinations (shown below) is Make It Right (Deep purple) with a little Make It Magnificent (Light purple) in the centre. 

My Thoughts
The formula and creamy finish on these lipsticks were not at all different from the other £1 MR lipsticks I own. One thing I did notice however, was that Make Me Tonight had quite a strong "chemical" smell to it that I hadn't come across in any of the other MR lipsticks (which smell relatively sweet).
If smells bother you, that one in particular might be quite off- putting.

Make It Magnificent was a surprise. In person, it turned out to be a lot more purple than I expected. Other swatches I'd seen had made it look quite icy.

Other than that, for £1 each, the colour pay off is brilliant. You can build them up to be really intense and vibrant and as shown above and they're also great for mixing.

If you want to experiment with bold new colours without breaking the bank, Makeup Revolution is the best brand to go for without a doubt. With a huge range of shades in the £1 range to choose from, you're sure to find something new to try.

For a long lasting effect, try the blotting method. Apply the lipstick, blot with tissue paper and repeat. For these lipsticks, I normally do this at least three times.

What is your favourite Makeup Revolution Lipstick?

 Take Care and God Bless,
Fofo x



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