Product Spotlight: MUA Lip Switch Matte-Shine Duo | My Superdrug #SUPEREXCLUSIVES Entry

This is my entry to the #SuperExclusives competiton hosted by Superdrug. 
As the name suggests, it's an opportunity for me to write about beauty products exclusive to Superdrug; but I feel a bit cheeky cause I was going to do this post anyway, competition or none. ;)

One product which I've really wanted to talk about are the MUA Lip Switch Matte-Shine Duos

Years ago, MUA came out with a similar product called the Lip Booms but these newer, dual end lipsticks/lipglosses are like the Lip Boom's sexier little sister.
Lip Boom and Lip Switch side-by-side.
The packaging is near identical except one is black and the other is white.

I own two shades in Persian Plum and Brown Bay, awesome shade options for women of colour.

Persian Plum

Lipstick: A gorgeous purple-berry colour. Definitely a must-have for deeper skin tones.
Lipgloss: Exactly the same shade as the lipstick but with a sheer finish.

Brown Bay

Lipstick: A lovely warm browny-nude colour with a slight hint of pink.
Lipgloss: Stunning sheer gloss with very fine golden shimmer.

Arm Swatches:
(L to R): Persian Plum Lipstick and Gloss, Brown Bay Lipstick and Gloss

My Thoughts

The lipsticks and glosses are extremely comfortable to wear separately or together; particularly the lipstick, which has a gorgeous matte yet moisturising finish.
The glosses give your lips beautiful sheen (especially the Brown Bay) but aren't at all sticky.
The colour pay off is fant-abulous for the price of £3 (same as the Lip Booms)
On top of all that, the glosses have THE most addictive caramel/vanilla smell...
It. Is. Everything.
All in all, these are the kind of lipsticks/glosses I would very happily wear everyday.

What makes me the happiest about the Lip Switches is how much of an improvement was made on the lip gloss formula. 
Once upon a time, I wrote a post on the MUA Lip Booms and my distaste for it's chunky, overly glittery gloss; and I wasn't alone. I remember reading many other beauty blogs at the time, all of the same opinion.
this brand new Lip Switch gloss formula gets a 10/10 for the simple fact that it's obvious people at MUA heard the feedback and actually did something about it

So if you, like me, were once put off by the Lip Boom glosses, don't sleep on these brand new Lip Switches! 
They are miles better and will be a wonderful addition to your makeup bag!

Take Care and God Bless,
Fofo x



  1. Hmm ... Now I know .. I also had a Lip Boom (It's a Situation). The chunky glitter didn't really bother me but honestly I don't think I've actually worn it out (that will have to change). Yes the caramel scent toffee thing is 'everything'!

    I think both shades look beautiful on you but I'm loving Brown Bay its just looking so effortlessly chic :)

    1. You're the first person I heard who said they didn't mind the glitter! Thank you so much :)

    2. You're the first person I heard who said they didn't mind the glitter! Thank you so much :)