Freedom Makeup London Haul! Affordable Professional Makeup.

Just in case you didn't read my last post, Freedom Makeup London are an affordable professional makeup brand from the makers of Makeup Revolution; an already well established favourite making big moves in drugstore cosmetcis.

Freedom isn't strictly just for professionals, (you have the "freedom" to wear what you like...Get it?...*cough*) but it is aimed towards them. That "professional" aspect is what sets Freedom apart from Makeup Revolution but you'll still see some similarities here and there.

The packaging my orders came in was very similar to Makeup Revolution.

Check out the video to see the products I got and hear my initial thoughts on them and the Freedom brand!

Pro Melts Lipgloss

L to R: TGIF, Just Do It, Wanted, D-ream, Smooth

I have a lip swatch video and a whole review on these so click the links to check them out and hear my thoughts.


This blush shade is called "Beyond" and it cost only £1! 
Looking at it, the colour looks too light to be used as a blush on my skin tone but when I swatch it, the main colours that comes through are the warm golden shimmers running through it.
This makes me think it will work well as a nice highlighter.

Pro Fixing Spray

Freedom Pro Fixing Spray vs. Makeup Revolution Pro- Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray

I mention in the video that these products are likely to be the same.
Freedom's costs £3.50 for 50ml and MR's is priced at £5 for 100ml; so if you're looking to get more for your money, maybe opt for the MR one.

Pro Glow and Pro Highlight

Pro Glow in "Roar" (Left) and Pro Highlight in "Glow" (Right)

The Pro Glow will certainly look a lot more beautiful on lighter skin tones and the colours more flattering. For my dark skin, I'll be a little restricted to use this as a very subtle highlight.
The Pro Highlight looks exactly like the Golden Lights Vivid Baked Highlighter from MR (which I have) but something about this one seems a little brighter. It's a shame I didn't bring it with me to Scotland so I could do a comparison!

Mono Eyeshadows

Nude 208

Smoulder 214

Gilded 217

Gilded 219

Gilded 220

L to R: Nude 208, Smoulder 214, Gilded 217, Gilded 219, Gilded 220

Freedom have a really gorgeous colour selection of these and an offer to get all the Mono Eyeshadows available for £20!
My favourite is Gilded 217. It's like a true liquid gold with a more buttery consistency than the other Gilded eyeshadows. I haven't seen anything like it from Makeup Revolution and I can't get over how foiled it looks without a primer!
If you love yourself, you will get this eyeshadow. Just saying.

Pro Conceal and Correct

This is the reason why I wanted to try this brand so much.
These concealer palettes cost £5 each versus the £35 that the MAC equivalents go for.
I can't wait to get stuck in and let you guys know my thoughts on this product but for now I'm sitting pretty on my £30 saving!


Finally I got 14 lipsticks, at least one from each of their Pro collections.
I've done another blog post on these and a lip swatch video on my YouTube channel so click the links for those.

My favourite shades are Born With It (Pro Red Collection) and Candy Sweet (Pro Pink Collection).
If you're my complexion, a brown lipliner is a MUST for all the nude shades. I mentioned this in my Pro Melts Review, but it applies here too; I'd love to see darker/more brown based nude colours suited to deeper skin tones.
Although they look identical, the consistency of these lipsticks is nicer than the Makeup Revolution's and less likely to slip and slide around your mouth!

Have you ordered from Freedom Makeup? What's your favourite product?

Take Care and God Bless,
Fofo x



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