Freedom Makeup London Pro Lipstick Swatches! (Dark Skin)

I'll be talking more about Freedom Makeup London in the next few posts because they're a new professional makeup brand from the makers of one of my favourite brands, Makeup Revolution!

Just like MR, Freedom have a collection of lipsticks that only cost £1 each but I much prefer the formula on these ones because they're not as 'slick'. This means I won't have to blot and reapply to get them to last longer (which I do for MR lipsticks).

I've got 14 fantastic shades to show you from super wearable to super galactical!
In the video, they've all been swatched on my lips but there are some arm swatches below
 so have a look!

Shades Mentioned

Pro Bare Collection

111 Untouched (light pink nude)
112 Sooner or Later (mauve nude)
115 Mannequin (light brown nude)
L to R: Untouched, Sooner or Later, Mannequin

Pro Red Collection

106 Fever (neutral red)
108 Expression (blue based red)
110 Born With It (deep coral)
L to R: Fever, Expression, Born With It

Pro Pink Collection

102 Candy Sweet (bold fuchsia pink)

Pro Now Collection

118 You Had Me At Hello (shocking pink)
119 Adorn (iridescent berry)
120 True Power (wine red)

Far Away Galaxy Collection

Storm-trooper (white)
Far Away (iridescent blue purple)
The Sith (gunmetal)
Space Luxe (gold)
L to R: Storm-trooper, Far Away, The Sith, Space Luxe

Check out Freedom's website, there are loooooads of products to choose from!

Take Care and God Bless,
Fofo x



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