D.I.Y. Make Your Own Eyeshadow Palette from MUA Eyeshadows!

CAUTION: Children must please seek parent/guardian's permission before attempting this project.

On my recent trip back to London, I finally put together the MUA eyeshadow palette that 's been sitting in my drawer for almost three months. Having your makeup in palettes is an awesome time and space saver, especially if you're a makeup junkie like me!

If you'd like to know how to create your very own palette of MUA eyeshadows, please keep reading.

What You Will Need:

MUA Single Eyeshadows

An empty 15 piece palette with 36mm wells
(Can be found on eBay and Aliexpress, please remove metal pans inside.)

Lighter/ Candle & Matches (Children must have adult supervision)

Wooden Skewer

Small Spatula

Mats or a Protective Surface

Address Labels & Pen



Wet/Baby Wipes

Step 1

Arrange your single eyeshadows in the order you'd like them to be in, inside the palette.
Write down the shade names onto the address labels and use the scissors to cut each name into a small rectangle.

Step 2

Stick each name at the back of the palette, behind the well you want each shadow to be in.
For extra protection, cover these labels with a long line of sellotape.

Print off the MUA logo and tape it to the cover of the palette so you know immediately what's inside!

Step 3

Take your first eyeshadow and over a lit candle, heat the bottom of it (sticker and all) for around 30 seconds until the plastic begins to melt a little. Please be careful not to overheat the eyeshadow.

Step 4

Use the wooden skewer to poke through the hole at the bottom of the eyshadow to pop out the pan onto a protective surface. If necessary, use the spatula to also help flip it out.

Not a pretty sight, but these are what your original eyeshadow cases should look like after you're done.

Step 5

Quickly, while the glue is still hot, press the eyeshadow pan into the well of your palette. Make sure this is secure before moving onto the next one. Continue this process until your palette is complete.
Clean up the edges and make the palette look neater with some wet wipes and then you're done!

Finished Product!

L to R: Oyster, Champagne, Shade 23, Shade 8, Shade 6, 
Lilac, Electric Purple, Shade 13, Shade 12, Shade 14,
Shade 29, Copper, Shade 28, Peony, Shade 19

I'm really looking forward to doing more looks with my MUA eyeshadows now that they're all in one place!

Take Care and God Bless,
Fofo x



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