Medora of London Matte Lipsticks - Swatches and Review

For a long time, I had always seen these lipsticks on random eBay listings so I was curious to see how they performed and if they were actually worth the money.
Literally, I could only find one YouTube video on them, so I thought I'd take the chance and share my experience with the lippies.

Check out the video below for live swatches and my thoughts on each shade!

Buying The Lipsticks

I bought a bundle of five Medora of London lipsticks for £11 which works out at a reasonable £2.20 per lipstick.
 These lipsticks are created in Pakistan so obviously if you have the right connections you could get them for much cheaper.
The eBay seller I bought mine from sells the lipsticks in set bundles, however I asked nicely and they changed one of the shades for me.
In the end, the shades I got were Photo, Satin, Casis, Purple Passion and Violet.


It's awful. It really is.
It just looks very cheap and old fashioned but apparently, in Pakistan the RRP is around 110 rupees (68p!) so I wasn't expecting any frills.
The lids can slide off quite easily and the bullets of the lipsticks are very fragile so be wary of that.

My Experience

The lipstick shades are very unique and definitely a nice change from similarly priced typical drugstore lipstick shades. These are also aimed towards warmer skintones, so there's plenty of options for women of colour.
They apply very smoothly with unexpectedly fantastic colour payoff but the longevity varies between the shades. 'Violet' was the longest lasting (and stains your lips) but still required topping up throughout the day.
There's a very strong perfume scent on the lipsticks so if that's something that bothers you, then it's highly unlikely you'll enjoy using these.
They're not your typical matte lipsticks as they're more creamy on application however, after they've been on your lips for a while, they do dry down to more of a matte finish.

'Violet' reminds me very much of 'ESP' from Illamasqua. It's a very similar tone of purple but with less iridescence so it's not quite a dupe.


So all in all, I think for the range of colours you can get it's definitely worth the money. 
Choice of colours to me is the most important factor.
 My only qualm is the packaging, not just how it looks, but it's sturdiness (or lack thereof). 
It's just not practical to have wobbly lipstick bullets and the lids sliding off like that.

Have you tried and Medora of London Matte Lipsticks?
What's Your Favourite Shade?

Take Care and God Bless,
Fofo x



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