MUA Spring/Summer Collection 2016 - Full Review & Swatches

 MUA is a brand I've followed and loved for a long time so it was a no-brainer to try out their new products which cater to women of colour. It's great to see them branch out into an area where darker skin tones have been more or less ignored over the years so I sincerely hope this is something they'll carry on with and continue to develop in the future.

Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter - Radiant Cashmere (£3)

As I say in the video, I love the formula and intensity of this highlighter but need to be light-handed with it. I think this is a highlighter fairer skin tones are going to ADORE and for £3 I highly recommend checking it out. 
However, for my darker skinned sisters, perhaps use a warmer highlight first (e.g. Sleek Contour Kit/Face Form Highlight, MUR Rock On World Bronzer, The Balm Betty Lou-Manizer) and then go in with Radiant Cashmere at the very top of your cheekbones. Those combinations are stunning and really work, but using a lot of Radiant Cashmere on it's own can end up looking a bit icy/ashy/not cute.

Luxe Inked Lip Stain - Dewberry (£4)

With Outer Packaging

Without Outer Packaging

Check out the video below to hear my thoughts on this lip stain. In summary, I really like it! Extremely pigmented and long lasting but it has the exact same packaging as the Metallic Liquid Lips. That's not necessarily a problem, the product is what really matters, but I was kind of hoping for the design of the outer packaging which is in all the pictures that I've seen of this.

MUA Lipstick - Parma Violet (£1)

A few of you may be asking why in the world I got this wild shade of purple. I don't blame you! Normally, this would be a colour I'd steer clear of and to be honest, I still will. There's absolutely no way I will be wearing this colour out by itself.


The formula of MUA lipsticks are some of my favourite for mixing and I want to try mixing Parma Violet with my nude/brown lipsticks. Cool tone nudes are really trendy at the moment but I've never really been able to find a cool/nude brown that I like on my skintone. So I thought I'd just do it myself! I can tell you already, Parma Violet is perfect for doing this! I plan on doing a video on my favourite DIY cool tone nudes.

Pro Matte Satin Pressed Powder - Caramel & Cocoa (£2.50)

Caramel (L) & Cocoa (R)

This has probably been my most requested review ever! In the video I go really in depth into my experience with them so check it out for the full review. In summary though, these powders were surprisingly nice and I'm still extremely impressed by how warm they are.
 (Side Note: Dear MUA, Please make matte (brown) eyeshadows that are this warm! Thank you! xx)
The only con is the powders' longevity, they didn't last particularly long for me (around 2-3 hours) and I have combination/oily skin. Other than that, the actual colours of the powders themselves complement my skin beautifully! I think this is a steal at £2.50 and something great to keep in your handbag in case of (a shiny) emergency.

Pro Base Cover and Conceal Kit - Sienna (£4)

I wanted to get a photo of this next to my hand so you could get an idea of the contrast between it and my skin. On swatching, the far left and middle shades seem almost pink/white based.Sienna is the darkest shade of concealer palette available so I was hoping for a little more intensity and variety in the undertones. I would've been happier seeing something even as bold as a mustard yellow tone or a blackened red-based brown just to extend the range of possible combinations you could get out of this palette. That aside, the formula is really very nice! I like how it somewhat sets to a (semi) matte finish before any powder is applied and blends beautifully into the skin. 
Check out the video for my full review!

Lip Scrub (£3)

I forgot to include this one in the video!
This lip scrub smells minty and has a lovely moisturising, balmy texture to it. It takes a while to wear the bullet down to the exfoliating granules but when you do, it's really quite nice. You just have to use a lot. 
Unfortunately,  the bullet of mine broke quite early on and as I write, it's stuck to the top of the lid. I think maybe because it has quite a soft texture, the constant exfoliating back-and-forth movements may have proven a bit too much for it but I might be wrong.

For more products in this collection, swatches and my full review, press play!

I hope this has been helpful to you in some way! Please feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to answer them for you!

Take care beautiful,

Fofo xx



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