Testing Out £5 Milk Makeup Dupe - MUA Pro/ Base

As I've been getting more and more into creative makeup looks lately, my old makeup removal "routine" (and by routine, I mean a couple of baby wipes) was unsurprisingly taking a toll on my skin.

It'll sound a bit cliche, but I'm getting older now; I'm not trying to drag my skin this way and that all in the name of getting rid of some waterproof mascara.

I've been experimenting with the world of cleansing oils and balms lately and have really been enjoying how they help to melt away the makeup first. Doing this makes the wipe or cloth you use afterwards pick up the makeup a lot easier, leaving your skin feeling far more fresh.

Now me being the cheapskate that I am, I felt a way about using my Kiehl's cleanser to take off Ursula makeup. For these kind of looks, where I'd likely need more cleanser than normal, I wanted to find an effective, more affordable option.

Enter MUA.

I've been very curious about their revamped Pro Base range and when I saw their Makeup Remover Stick (RRP: £5) on offer at Superdrug, I thought it couldn't hurt to try it out.

I tested this out just before I sat down to film a tutorial and (spoiler) I was pleasantly surprised!

Watch the video to see how I got on.

You can find the entire Pro Base range on MUA's website or in Superdrug, instore and online.

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