Meet Fofo

Hey Loves,
You are very welcome to Box Braids and Beauty.

You can call me Fofo or Folu, whatever floats your boat!
I am a 20- something year old marketing student from the UK and self- confessed makeup junkie.

In this space, you'll find a little bit of everything I enjoy; from beauty reviews to makeup artistry.
My aim is to inspire and be inspired.
There's so much I have yet to learn but I've plenty to share so stick around and hopefully you'll find something new to try!

Being a student, I love a good bargain so expect to see many money saving beauty tips and tricks.
You can also expect plenty of sound makeup advice for women of colour as I am one myself...if you haven't already noticed...

When reviewing products, I always give my 100% true and honest opinion and in the case that products are sent to me, I will be sure to mention this in the relevant post(s).

If you have any serious questions, business or booking enquiries, please email me at:

Happy Reading!

Take Care & God Bless,





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