Sisters OOTD : Summer Wedding Fun!

I really wasn't sure what to do for my first blog post but I thought an Outfit Of The Day would be a good start to give you a little idea of what I like to wear. (Of course I'm not in dresses everyday but you catch my drift.)

These are just some snaps from a wedding my sister and I attended in August. We had a smashing time and the British weather was behaving for once so the whole day was rain-free.

This dark blue dress was bought from New Look in 2010 so it's held up pretty well! My favourite details are the short chiffon batwing-esque sleeves. I'm a bit funny about showing my upper arms so this dress was perfect for me since they were still covered but not completely so as not to make me uncomfortably hot.

Nude leather bag with gold accents: eBay 
Nude patent leather pumps : Debenhams

My sister wore a beautiful maxi dress from Forever 21 which had an aztec style print on the skirt. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the back but it was cut out just where the mustard top meets the top of the skirt. The maxi was mainly chiffon also but it had an opaque mini skirt underneath.

Black leather gold-tipped clutch : Topshop
Black leather pumps : New Look

These photos were taken from my instagram, follow me @fiyinfofo

Did you go to any weddings this Summer? What did you wear? I'd love to know!

Stay blessed,





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