I ♥ Sheer Lipgloss! (Part 1) - KELLY ROWLAND WITHOUT MAKEUP!!!

I tried to find a picture of a black child but it looks like none of us got away with this kind of thing...

I wasn't officially allowed to start wearing makeup until I was 16 but I had a passion for it long before then. I remember from when I was around 5 or 6, I would use anything and everything that wasn't exactly "makeup" but made me feel like I was still doing something to my face *sigh*

 From using talcum powder "foundation", to over-vaselined lips, you name it, I did it. I didn't carry out these "experiments" all the time of course, mainly because it annoyed my family...
I will never forget, for my 8th birthday, my older sister bought me my first lipgloss and even though it was colourless, when I wore it I felt so mature! I remember using it up until the very last drop.
Since then and even now, on days when I decide not to wear any makeup, I'm still like that 8 year old, pouting all over the place when I apply my lipgloss!
I feel that when you're going to go bare faced, a little slick of lipgloss can really make all the difference. Look at Kelly Rowland, unafraid to go out without a scrap of makeup on but she still oozes confidence and looks stunning! 

 She was always my favourite Destiny's child ♥♥♥
Stay blessed, Fofo x



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