MASSIVE Makeup and Beauty Haul (PART 2): Becca, Ben Nye, Collection etc...

It seems all I'm doing is hauling recently!
It's not on purpose, just that all of the things I wanted to show you kept building up over time and I never had the chance to actually sit down and make the blog posts for them due to university, moving etc. 

However now that I am all settled back in London, I should be able to get this blog backlog out over the next few weeks! 

This part was meant to be a detailed look at all the items I got from Makeup Revolution but my computer decided not to save the draft so I lost all the pictures...
It just means I'll have to re-upload all of them so they're going to be in Part 3 instead.

In this second part of the haul are a variety of different brands and products, some I wanted to try out and others I needed to restock. 

Brit Rocks False Eyelashes - 'Innocent'

If you have read some of my previous 'The Beat' posts, you'll know I particularly like the 'Fantasy' lashes from Brit Rocks. However, I wanted to try a different style to see what fits my eye shape the best.

I love these because they're inexpensive (£1.99 in Savers) and the band is very thin so it's not obvious that they're not your lashes!

Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow - 'Coffee To Glow'

I had never tried anything from Essence before and vaguely remember reading somewhere that their eyeshadows were pretty good, so when I spotted this in Wilkinson's I thought I'd give it a go.

In the picture above, it looks very dull where I swatched it which is quite off-putting. It looks no where near as attractive as it did when it was brand new!

Maybe my expectations were a bit too high, but this isn't the most beautiful eyeshadow I own. There was an insane amount of fallout and my table got pretty messy. On top of that, the colour itself was not very buildable. The swatch above was the greatest intensity I could get from it. 

I will probably end up using this as a subtle inner tearduct/brow highlight?
I'm still working with it. All hope is not lost!

Becca Stick Foundation - 'Walnut' and 'Espresso'

I was very surprised to see these on Fragrance Direct for £5 a pop. I haven't used stick foundations before so I thought it would be good to try out. I'm still working with these so I'll give you more detail when I do a review.



L to R: Walnut, Espresso

Ben Nye Banana Powder Sample + Free Gifts

(Items did NOT come labelled, I did this myself.)

I'm not willing to shell out for the full 3Oz Ben Nye Banana powder just yet, so I decided to try this 10g sample from eBay for £5.

The seller was also kind enough to send a little sample of  the Neutral Set powder and some Starflower and Jasmine eye gel which smells lovely.

Collection Sheer Loose Powder - 'Translucent'

Another purchase for my kit. I needed a universal translucent powder for all skin tones. I do love the NYC one but I'd thought I'd give this one a go.


This is just a little miracle in a bottle!
I use a few drops on a cotton round before I apply my moisturiser and it makes my skin feels so invigorated and fresh. It's great for getting rid of any excess dirt and oil that your everyday face wash may have missed.
Bear in mind, however, that it can be pretty harsh so if you've sensitive skin, use sparingly.

Milk of Magnesia

I've decanted the product into this travel sized bottle so it can be, of course, travel sized. Another reason I did this is because the original packaging just looked too questionable in my makeup drawer so it had to go!
I'm sure you're already aware of how fabulous this is as a primer for oily skin so I'm not going to parrot what you've already heard but it truly does wonders.
Surely a Summer essential.

Sunkissed Metallic Blush Bronzer

Lovely and inexpensive, I got this little bronzer blush for £2.50 from eBay.

In looks, it's not unlike the MAC MSFs and the colour swatches quite beautifully on the skin as shown below. I like that it gives darker skin a lovely glow, very different to the typical gold that we see most of the time. It's more of a deep bronze with a somewhat silver iridescence running through it. Very nice.

My only qualm is the longevity and wearability of this bronzer definitely reflect the price. You will have to reapply this product at least once throughout the day. 

Collection 2000 Dazzle Dusts

I won a whole bunch of these loose eyeshadows for a great bargain on eBay so I could get used to working with pigments. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much at first but I was totally stunned by how pigmented most of them were! Believe it or not, these have all been swatched without a primer. 

(L to R) Paradise, Dreamland, Inky, Jaffa, Angel, Lustrous, Enigma, Spellbound, Tinkerbell, Spellbound, Mystery

To be honest, Jaffa was a bit of a disappointment, but look at Mystery and Spellbound! Both swatched beautifully and look even better in person.

(L to R) Mystery, Bewitched, Tinkerbell

Spellbound, Enigma, Lustrous

Angel, Inky, Jaffa

Dreamland, Paradise

So that's it for Part 2! The last part will feature the details on all the products I got from Makeup Revolution so stay tuned for that!

As always God bless and take care,

Fofo x



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