MASSIVE Makeup and Beauty Haul (FINAL PART 3) : Makeup Revolution!

Finally, the last part!
This has got to be the most prolonged haul in the history of time but as they say, better late than never.

So if you guys remember, a lifetime ago I posted about my first haul from Makeup Revolution and I just gave you guys an idea of what products I had bought as well as their quality, customer service etc. 
Since then I've collected a few more products and I've also been wanting to get pictures of the swatches together into a blog post, so here we go...

An overview of my first Makeup Revolution haul

Amazing Lip Gloss in 'Nude Shimmer'

A very sheer and lightweight lipgloss with a fine shimmer. Very nice for everyday.

Vivid Baked Highlighter in 'Peach Lights' and 
Baked Bronzer in 'Rock On World'

Peach Lights (£3), Rock On World (£4)

Comparison with MAC MSF in 'Dark Deep'

Although they look exactly the same in size, the MR bronzer contains 3g more product than the MSF.
This bronzer is also said to be a dupe to the MSF in Gold Deposit which retails for £23.
I don't know about you but I like the sound of saving £19!

L: Peach Lights, R: Rock On World

Both products lightly blended

They both feel lovely on the skin but as you can see from the swatch, Peach Lights is a little pink for me. I will just have to be very light-handed. 
Rock On World is gorgeous. Ideal for the perfect Summer glow on deeper complexions.

Powder Blush in 'Wow'

A pretty baby pink blush that only cost £1! 
Pigmented enough to show up on my skin so I'm a happy bunny.

Single Eyeshadows

(L to R) Insomnia, In The Deep, MMMM, Smokey 2

Please excuse the fingerprints, they're so smooth!
Fabulous eyeshadows for only £1 each.

Insomnia, In The Deep

MMMM, Smokey 2

I have a sneaky suspicion that the MR shade names give you a clue as to what MAC eyeshadow they're meant to be a dupe of.

For Example:
In The Deep - MAC Deep Truth?
MMMM - MAC Swiss Chocolate?

I'm not sure which eyeshadow Insomnia is meant to dupe but I think Smokey 2 looks pretty close to MAC Shadowy Lady.
Since I don't have these MAC colours, I can't confirm these guesses to be true but all I'll say is that some of these Makeup Revolution names ring a bell...

Eye Dusts


I am loving the shade range in MR's eye dusts. 
I was swatching every colour with a smile.
Be sure to be careful when opening each one however, because the sifter lid tends to pop off quite easily.

Confront, Hysteria, Rivalry, Levity

Disguise, Shameful, Affluent, Frenzy

Grandeur, Antic, Virtuous, Agonise

(I sincerely apologise for the lack of swatches for the above shades, 
my computer decided to erase the picture...)

Vitality, Dynamic, Allure

'Hot Smoked'  Redemption Palette

Dupe to Urban Decay 'Smoked' Palette

I have already done a review on this palette,

Arm Swatches

I'm in love.

The One Foundation

Shades 15 &16

Packaging resembles MAC Face and Body but the consistency of the foundation itself has been compared to the Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation.

(L to R) Shade 15 & 16

I will be doing a full review of this foundation because it deserves it's own post. 
However what I will say is, try not to be put off by the difference in shade of the photographed swatches because this foundation blends out really well.
If you have my skin tone however, it might be necessary for you to mix both of these shades to get your match.

Lip Power in 'Anticipate It'

Similar to the MUA Lip Booms. 

So that's all I have from Makeup Revolution so far. 
I can't believe how many new products they've launched since I bought these, it's definitely worth a look. 
They really know how to keep a girl on her toes!

If you haven't already, 

Until next time, 
God Bless and Take Care

Fofo x



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