Don't Lose Your Summer Glow! How I Use Sleek Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator in 'Goddess'

I recently posted this picture on instagram (@fiyinfofo) and quite a few of you guys seemed to like it so I thought I'd share with a you a product I've been loving which is what I used to achieve this Summer-esque glow.

It's the Sleek Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator in 'Goddess'.
*cue the angel chorus*

You guys don't understand how long I had been searching for this!
Having been discontinued a long while ago, they've become extremely difficult to find.
Fortunately one day, a totally random eBay search led me to find it so I snatched it up before I could exhale.

A beautiful true golden highlight that blends well and feels weightless on the skin.

Why Sleek discontinued producing these, I will never understand.

As you can see, a little bit most definitely goes a long way so be careful when applying not to use too much. 
I can't emphasize that enough.

After applying my liquid foundation, I applied the illuminator to the high points of my cheekbones, on my browbone, down the centre of my nose and on my chin before lightly setting my whole face with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Deep Dark'.

Another way of using this product is to mix a little bit with your liquid foundation. 
This will give your skin a subtle and sublime radiance without the need of using a highlighting powder. 
Perfect for everyday when you still want to have a glow but don't want to Kim K it.

In my excitement, I didn't realise that I bid for more than one so I have a few to giveaway.

If you have the opportunity to get one, go for it!
This will be an addition to your makeup collection that you will love.

Take Care an God Bless,

Fofo x



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