BRAND NEW Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks Review + Swatches!

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Earlier this month, Makeup Revolution released their long awaited Iconic Pro Lipsticks and this girl right here was on a hype! Seriously, I was SO excited for these (and for the newly released lip liners but that's a different blog post)!

Can we start with the beautiful packaging? 
Famous for their high-end dupes, it's no surprise MR decided to give a huge nod to the ever popular MAC lipsticks. Instead of being silver on the inside, these lipsticks have a classy gold tube; however the shape and black outer casing are totally MAC inspired. 
Great if you want that high-end feel for less.

I ordered three shades, Looking Ahead, Liberty Matte and Blindfolded at £2.49 each.
L to R: Looking Ahead, Liberty Matte, Blindfolded

L to R: Blindfolded, Liberty Matte, Looking Ahead

Right now they're only available on the Makeup Revolution website but they will be coming soon to Superdrug stores.

Looking Ahead. The deepest nude in the range with a slight pink tone.
This has a really comfortable wearing creamy texture and looks flawlessly natural on deeper skin tones with some brown lip liner (bottom picture). Out of the three colours I bought, this is by far my favourite; it's truly gorgeous.

Liberty Matte. Stunning vibrant purple. More of a semi-matte.
This is pretty much spot on to MAC's Heroine lipstick (see swatches below).
Just like Heroine, Liberty Matte is very flattering on darker skintones (especially with some dark purple lip liner) however I found myself needing a little more coverage on my lower lip. There was a bit of transparency which, for a colour that bold, I'd really prefer not to be there. 
For full opacity, this colour is best worn with a matching lip liner underneath. (e.g. MAC Magenta Lip Pencil)

Blindfolded. Deep, dark, vampy purple. Not for the faint hearted!
As much as I'm in love with vamp-ilicious shades such as these, I struggled a little with this one.
This blackened purple is really very nice but the formula let it down. Like 'Looking Ahead', this shade had a creamy texture but, for some reason, it began to feel quite greasy after a while. It moves like Jagger around your mouth and unfortunately, tends to bleed outside the lip line. 
I already own colours similar to this so I'm unlikely to reach for this one too often.

I tried comparing MAC Smoked Purple to Blindfolded but those are definitely not as close in colour as MAC Heroine and Liberty Matte.
L to R: MAC Heroine, MR Liberty Matte, MAC Smoked Purple, MR Blindfolded

There is also a sister shade to Liberty Matte called 'Liberty'; but after my experience with Blindfolded I'd suggest that if you are thinking of buying any of the bold shades, wherever possible choose the matte formula.
The feel and wearability is considerably better in the mattes.

I'm just being a spoilt brat now but I expected to see a few more "unique" shades from Makeup Revolution to make this range really stand out. Apart from a select few, you can find pretty much all the shades elsewhere. I would've liked to see maybe a cool-toned nude, a matte brown, a dark blue-based purple, a grey even... basically any trendy colours you don't typically see in the drugstore.

Overall, I feel like my hopes for these were just far too high. I was expecting better delivery on the formula front at least, which most of the time, Makeup Revolution have on point. All is not lost however because Makeup Revolution are always innovating so hopefully this can be a springboard to even better products in the future.

What's your favourite Iconic Pro Lipstick?

Take Care and God Bless,
Fofo x



  1. Lol @ 'moves like Jagger' - haha! I was really interested in trying out Liberty but since I am on a shopping my stash challenge (slipped a bit) and since I already have some Mac Heroine dupes already - I skipped being tempted even when these lipsticks were half price.

    I really like all the shades on you but my favs are Liberty Matte and Looking Ahead. Anyway, your skin is amazing - any Skincare tips?! Plus those flowers are so pretty :)

    1. Makeup Revolution are actually coming out with a new brand called Freedom Makeup London late this month so perhaps there'll be more colour choice, lipstick wise, there! Thank you so much for your comments and compliments :D I don't really have anything new to share which you probably haven't heard before but I can maybe do a skincare routine post in the near future?