My Top 5 Winter Wedding Must Haves -

These low temperatures have got people looking mummified in scarves, I swear! Nevertheless, Winter is one of the most stunning seasons, especially when there's snow! I caught up recently with a good friend of mine who's getting married next year and she was throwing around the idea of a Winter wedding; and it got me thinking, how beautiful would that be!
Around the same time, The Black Tux inspired me to write a piece on my Top Wedding Essentials so this post is going to show you my must-haves as well as act as little checklist for my friend. You're welcome girl! 

Please Note: I'm not trying to list everything you'll need for a wedding,  just a few things that would be important to me!

1. Strobe!

Yes honey, of course the first essential had to be a beauty item!
I'm all about a good highlight but on the big day especially, you want to make sure that your glow lasts. Strobing has been the word about town so get yourself a highlighter that suits your skin tone. For my dark skin, I lean towards highlighters with golden tones; and for extra "oomph", I use a mix of both cream and powder highlighters. My favourites at the moment are the MUA Shimmer Stick in 'Bronze' and the Balm Betty Lou-manizer. Check out my video and blog post here showing you how to strobe as well as other products I like to use.

2. Fix Up, Look Sharp!

Midnight Blue Tuxedo - The Black Tux
Guys, she may not let you have much say over...well...anything, but choosing your tux is still one of the most key decisions of the wedding. I asked a few of my guy friends what they looked for in a good tux and it was really interesting to hear how varied their answers were. Some had specific colours in mind while most opted for a more classic look. Overall, the most important factor mentioned by everyone, was that the fit had to be sharp and allow easy movement. The Black Tux have  a nice variety of classic tuxedos as well as Fit Specialists on hand to make sure you get the perfect fit. Try not to steal the bride's shine though...

3. Photo Ready!

It's another beauty item but guys can use this too! The BodyShop's All-In-One Instablur helps minimise pores and blemishes and its long lasting matte finish helps keep shine at bay. This is ideal for those prone to oily skin and especially when you need to look good for all the photos taken throughout the day. With the Instablur, look just as amazing at the reception as you did when you got to the church. The bride won't be the only one ready for a close-up!

4. Represent!

I and my friend are Nigerian, so in our culture there's normally an engagement party a day or two before the white wedding. It's probably not the kind of engagement party you're thinking of, it's more like a show! There's A LOT of Nigerian music, food and dancing, but most importantly we wear traditional Nigerian clothes. Traditionally, the groom's side will wear a certain a colour and the bride's side will wear another, but every outfit is beautifully unique. Everyone adds their own individual twist which makes a Nigerian engagement, in my opinion, one of the most picturesque moments in our culture.
Some of the pieces I've been absolutely loving lately come from Mara by Wendy. 
Check her out on Instagram and Facebook.

5. Bling Bling!

Alongside these traditional dresses, wearing detailed costume jewellery is very popular. You can find a fabulous selection of  pieces from Loyatobs Creations, founded by my fellow YouTuber MedeaiJ, check out her channel here. She models a lot of the pieces herself and has matching makeup tutorials for a lot of them so check her out! 
All this talk of weddings is making me really want to go to one! 
Who's getting married soon? Can I come?

A huge thank you to Samantha (The Black Tux) for inspiring this post and to all the guys who gave me advice on tuxedos and suits...Men's fashion is not my forté!

Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend!

Fofo x



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