All my £1 Makeup Revolution Lipsticks!

Yasss! We're taking it back to 2014!
One of my most popular, early posts has been my Makeup Revolution Lipsticks video filmed in May, 2014. It has received over 16,000 views to date which to me, is HUGE (and a little embarrassing...#WebcamProblems).

I wanted to ease back into blogging again by recreating this video because I feel like it marks how much my channel/blog has grown since I began two years ago...and they're just really fun colours!

My opinion of these lipsticks pretty much remain the same to the review I made that same year; however, I will say I now generally prefer the formula of the Freedom £1 lipsticks. You won't find many direct shade dupes between the brands but I would recommend trying Freedom first as the staying power and textures are far better.

I hope you enjoy this little update (despite my falsies trying to fly away >.< )

Take Care and God Bless you all,

Fofo xx



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