£1 Bronzer for Black People?!

All I can say is wow.
Wow wow wow!

Props to Tammi Clarke for putting me onto this amazing product! I would never have thought of trying out Sunkissed Giant Bronzer if she hadn't raved about them on her YouTube videos. It's so crazy how well this works, I'm genuinely shocked.

My local Poundland came through with stacks on stacks of these little godsends in the shade 'Dark'; and I remembered Tammi mentioned that 'Dark' had been too dark for her skin tone. Despite (many) past failed attempts to find an affordable bronzer that didn't make me look dusty; I thought for £1, it's worth trying out.

Giiirrrlllll when I tell you I was back the next day to buy 5 more - I'm not even kidding!

L to R: Light part, darker part (sun) and both shades mixed

On applying it, the first thing I noticed was how truly warm it is; she's toasty guys, real toasty. 
My melanin was actually safe, I couldn't believe it.

As you can see, the bronzer has two shades that you can use separately or together depending on how intense you want your bronze/contour to be. I don't know if this is the case for everybody else but when I mix the two shades together, the colour becomes even darker - I'm in love!

I understand first hand how challenging it can be to find bronze/contour options let alone at an affordable price, so if you're able to pick one (or a few) of these up, I highly recommend it. I believe they're about to be discontinued (correct me if I'm wrong) so be fast!

Take Care and God Bless,



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